Duration: From the 9th to 27th of August 2021
Work on the GM+9 time zone
Small in class size
3 weeks &
61 hrs

Application deadline: the 2nd of August 2021

Target Students: Interested in learning Chinese without prior knowledge or with some knowledge around 300 learning hours.

Why this online program?
  • Work on GMT+9 time zone, your local time. Minimum impact on your life.
  • Small in class size. Plenty of interactions with the teachers and assistants.
  • A total of 61 hours in 3 weeks, which will not only let you learn the language but also have chances to practice your verbal skills.
  • Culture classes are bundled in the class design.
  • Meeting new classmates from other schools.
  • A certificate with learning hours and the grades issued.

Click here for details of the program.