Duration: 2022.Feb.21 to March.11
Work on the GM+9 time zone
Small in class size
3 weeks &
61 hrs

Application deadline: 2022.Jan.17

Target Students: Interested in learning Chinese without prior knowledge or with some knowledge around 300 learning hours.

Why this online program?
  • Work on GMT+9 time zone, your local time. Minimum impact on your life.
  • Small in class size. Plenty of interactions with the teachers and assistants.
  • A total of 61 hours in 3 weeks, which will not only let you learn the language but also have chances to practice your verbal skills.
  • Culture classes are bundled in the class design.
  • Meeting new classmates from other schools.
  • A digital certificate with learning hours and the grades issued.

We had successfully completed the same program in August this year and received high opinions. Since it's popular, the online application will be open on the 18th of Nov this month.

Click here for details of the program.