Feng-Ya housing is home to SCU Chinese study students. We offer the most comfortable environment and modern facilities combined with study and living. Facility of Feng-Ya housing includes lounge, public kitchen, study room, computer room, etc. Advantages of Feng-Ya housing include:

● Living and studying together in the same building
● Full- time professional staff and RA team support
● 24hr access control and security monitoring
● Easy to adjust to the campus life
● Free Wi-Fi available
● Secure your free reservaion at least 6 months ahead with confirmation


For school security and safety reasons, the dorm, Fengya Hall, is temporarily closed during Chinese New Year vacation (the exact duration varies each year, normally 6 to 10 days or more). As most students are out for vacation during the period, should you have a need for housing on campus, you can move to a dorm specifically arranged for students like you after filing a request and paying the fee announced by the hosting dorm office. For Fengya Hall dorm fee of the vacation month, the fee is calculated by the number of nights you stay.

● Feng-Ya Hall Location: Click HERE to see our location on the school map
● Feng-Ya Hall floor plan: Click HERE to view the floor plan
● Feng-Ya Hall on Google map: Click HERE to view the building and campus.
● Click on the links below to see more picutres of our place:

1. 1st floor: classrooms, computer lab, study room, simple kitchen, lounge, and office.
2. 2nd floor: twin rooms with individual shower place and a coined laundry place.
3. 3rd floor: Quadruples with public shower places and a coined laundry place.
4. Food court and other amenities on campus.
5. Our geographical location on Google Map.