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311599888City Bus

Bus 255, 267, 304, 557,620, S18, S19, R30 to《東吳大學站-
Soochow University》

Bus B13, 620, 645 to 《外雙溪站-Waishuanghsi》

211753305Taipei Metro

Tamsui-Xindian Line/Xiangshan-Beitou Line:
arrive SHIHLIN Station (Exist 1-Zhongzheng Rd.), and transfer city bus to 《東吳大學站-Soochow University》

Wenshan-Neihu Line:
arrive JIANNAN RD. Station and have the way to Neihu Rd., to transfer city bus 620 to《外雙溪站- Waishuanghsi》


With an advanced functionality of the latest digital technology, the Soochow University Library offers the significant facilities in reading and research. It's based on Waishuanghsi campus, and has a branch on Downtown campus.

More Details, please visit LIABRARY website.

Student Clubs

Soochow University has now nearly 163 students clubs and associations, which show a variety of campus life. They can generally be dievided into 6 types: General, Arts, Acedemic, Athletic, Social Service, and Socializing.


Ward Memorial Methodist Church

The Chaplain's Office also provides guidance and counselling services for all spiritual needs and pastol care ; also arranges a variety of group and activities for faculty, staff, and studets, including Bible study groups, student fellowships, choir, seminars on theology and faith, workshops on Christian leadership and discipleship.

More Details, please visit CHAPLAIN'S OFFICE website.

Art Center

Arts Center is located on both Waishuanghsi and Downtown Campuses. It includes an art exhibition hall, the 471-seat Performing Arts Center is used for recitals and concerts, etc. Program guides for the events and exhibitions are updated on website every month.

More Details, please visit ART CENTER website.

Arenas and Gyms

Physical Education Center offers a substance-free environmet for students to actively participate in keeping physical fit, learning new skill-sets and reducing stress throughreaction on and off campus. Access to all the sport equipment, fields and gyms on-campus are free for students during the open times.

More Details, please visit PHYSICAL EDUCATION CENTER website.

Dining Hall

College Dining Hall and convenience store are located at the main floor and first basement of Grand Complex. Students can choose from a wide variety of dinging experiences in a casual setting that is also the hub of relaxed social interaction on the campus.

More Details, please visit GENERAL AFFAIRS website.


Wireless Internet