About Soochow University

Missionaries of the Methodist church established Soochow University in 1900 in the city of Suzhou of China, making China's first western-style university. When re-established in Taiwan in 1951, it became the first private university inTaiwan. As be fitting its motto, " Unto A Full Grown Man ", Soochow University has also striven to emphasize quality teaching and determinded to do its absolute best to nurture mature graduates with creative and practical abilities.Look ahead, with integrated and innovative quality teaching uppermost in mind,Soochow Universuty establishes itself as a distinguisched and leading institution of higher education in Taiwan.

About Chinese Language Center, Soochow University

Founded in 2013,Chinese Language Center(CLC),Soochow University is a government-certified center for teaching Chinese as a foreign language training program. "To transmit Knowledge of Chinese Culture And Cultivate Chinese Language Skills". CLC aims to provide professional programs for those who would like to explore Chinese language and Taiwanese culture.

WHY CLC, Soochow University

● Cultural Axis of Taipei City

The two campuses of Soochow University link the most outstanding cultural network of sightseeing and festive attractions in Taipei Cit . CLC creates a Chinese cultural study environment to promote Chinese language, culture and values.

● Diverse Teaching Approaches

Base on different students' preferences, Chinese program is designed in several sessions with different levels.
All courses are conducted in Chinese to strengthen their language ability.

● Confucianism and Moral Education

Students will not only learn Chieses skills in class ,but also Chinese morality and core value.CLC passes down the Confucianism for our students to boost character education with practical action.