The public transit system in Taipei is very convenient. Most citizens have an EasyCard to utilize a combination of different vehicles such as buses, MRT (underground), YouBike, or taxi when getting around the city.

● Where to buy an EasyCard: any convenience stores (7-11, family Mart, Hi-Life, or OK), NT$100/ per card
● Where to add the value:

1. Any convenience stores (7-11, family Mart, Hi-Life, or OK Mart)
2. The information counters at all Taipei Metro stations
3. Value-adding machines located at all Taipei Metro stations

Note: Do not add too much money to the EasyCard in case you lost it.

311599888How to take a City Bus in Taipei

 Step 1  Check the bus route map and your fare zones

 Step 2  Wait for the bus to arrive

 Step 3  Swipe EasyCard on board and off board. 

● Bus fares: Adult-NT$15 in cash or EasyCard
● Payment method: EasyCard recommended.
● Timetable: Peak hours- around 5-15 mins; Off-peak hours- 15-30 mins

Note: For more details of bus route map, timetable, and transferring information, please visit " Taipei Bus Information and Transit System"

211753305So far, there are 6 major lines runing in the Taipei Metro system. Together with other transportation vehicles such as city buses, U-bike, and taxi, they offer one of the most advanced and clean ways of getting around in Taipei.

● Metro Route Map: Click HERE to download for personal use.

Note: For more details of Taipei Metro, please visit " Metro Taipei".

images2Cycling is now a fashion, easy and comfortable way of transport in different parts of Europe. In Taiwan, it's the YouBike system. Whether you are a citizen or tourist, you can check out the bicycle with an inexpensive price. 

To use the YouBike, one must reister as a member of the system with an EasyCard.

● Payment: By EasyCard
● Registeration: Service Center, official website, official phone App, or KIOSK in a rental station
● Charge Rates:

NT$5 for the first 30 minutes (for Taipei only);
NT$10 every 30 mins within the first 4 hours;
NT$20 every 30 mins between 4 to 8 hours;
NT$40 every 30 mins exceeding 8 hours.

Note: For the rental station and other details information, please visit "YouBike".