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  • 2020 Autumn Session Graduation Ceremony
  • 【Free Culture Class】Walking on the street, studying Chinese language
  • 《Hot news》 Border Open for language students on March 1st. Solutions enclosed.

    Good news to all applicants, For those who plan to attend the Chinese program for more than 6 months, you may start entering Taiwan on the 1st of March 2022, staying quarantined for 21 days (14 days for quarantine + 7 days for self-health management) and getting into the campus for the classes and the dorm. On the 14th of February, the Center may start to apply for the entry documents you need for the visa from the Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE).

    The spring quarter of our center starts on the 7th of March. Since you won't be able to make it on time for the class, it's best that you apply for the summer quarter starting on June 6th.

    However, if you have learned the langue for 400 to 500 hours or even more, you can reckon on yourself and decide if you want to come in March, and after quarantine, start attending from the middle of the Spring classes in late March or early April.

    For learners with little knowledge, we offer you a 2-month special class under the premise of 5 people enrolled. The fees are TWD20,000 for the tuition and TWD500 for the registration. If it fails to reach the target of 5, you go for the summer quarter and receive a 6-month admission letter. We’d announce if such a program exists on the 10th of February. See the flowchart below.

    URL for the survey of your study plan: Deadline, the 26th of January 2022. No service during Chinese New Year vacation, from the 28th of January to the 9th of February。

    Online registration for the admission letter

    DEL 3 ENG

    Quarantine Task Briefing

    Depending on the level of the quarantine hotels, the quarantine fee is generally between TWD35,000 and 65,000. Based on the current official announcement(Jan 10th), all applicants must stay in the government-run quarantine facilities, not the private-sector-run quarantine hotels. The Center will do the government one reservation for you. You cannot book it directly. But these regulations may change after the Chinese New Year. Please stay tuned with us on our website news, Facebook, IG, and Twitter.

    On the preliminary stage, besides the admission letter, you would receive two documents at different timings. The first one is “Visa Application Permit, VAP” and the second is “the MOE Entry Permit, MEP.”

    1. We apply for the VAP from the MOE for you starting on the 14th of February, the documenting opening date set by the MOE. Takes 5 days to get it. With the VAP, you apply for the learning Chinese Visa from the Taiwan Embassy near you.
    2. Send back a copy of the VAP, flight ticket, and the 2 quarantine hotels’ information. With these documents and information, we apply for the second permit, MEP.
    3. After receiving the MEP, you start to get ready for coming to Taiwan, including the PCR negative test report done within 48 hours, and fill in the Quarantine System for Entry before the flight.
    4. We’d invite you to join the Line Group to keep close contact for the quarantine issues.

    See the flow chart below.

    Flow chart for the new applicants process


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  • 《News》 Welcome to join the Video Speech competition!!

    The event is hosted by the Office of International and Cross-strait Academic Exchange of Soochow University. Click here for details of the prizes.

    For questions, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • 2020 Autumn Session Graduation Ceremony

    2020Autumn Session Graduation Ceremony

           2020 Autumn Session Graduation Ceremony was held on November 27th. All the students had well-prepared their speech and performance. Phirachat Kulsawasdee from Thailand introduced the traditional sweets of Chinese in Thailand. Truong Thi Huong from Vietnam shared with us the beautiful places in Vietnam. Japanese student, Kadoya Aomi introduced the "Manzai" culture in Osaka. Czechish student, Ondrej Krump shared the puppetry of Czech Republic. Thai student, Nuttawe Teamjan performed a special traditional dance. Also, Japanese student, Nakamura Ryu showed everyone his talent in popping dance. In 2020 Autumn session graduation ceremony, several great speech and special performance can be found.


  • 【Free Culture Class】Walking on the street, studying Chinese language

    "Walking on the street, studying Chinese language" is a series of free cultural events for international Chinese language learners. They are free but with limited number of quota. Invite your international friends to join.