2020Autumn Quarter Graduation Ceremony

       The 2020 Autumn Quarter Graduation Ceremony was held on November 27th. All the students had well-prepared for their speech and performance. Phirachat Kulsawasdee from Thailand introduced traditional sweets of Chinese in Thailand. Truong Thi Huong from Vietnam shared with us the beautiful places in Vietnam. Japanese student, Kadoya Aomi introduced the "Manzai" culture in Osaka. Czech student, Ondrej Krump shared the puppetry of the Czech Republic. Thai student, Nuttawe Teamjan performed a special traditional dance. Also, Japanese student, Nakamura Ryu showed everyone his talent for popping dance. In the 2020 Autumn session graduation ceremony, several great speeches and special performances can be found.

Phirachat Kulsawasdee- Thailand



 Truong Thi Huong-Vietnam

Japan aomi

 Kadoya Aomi- Japan

Czech Orj

Ondrej Krump-Czech Republic

Nakamura Japan

Nakamura Ryu- Japan

Japanese Student Popping Dance Video

 amita dancing

Phirachat Kulsawasdee- Thailand (Left)     Nuttawe Teamjan-Thailand (Right)

 Thailand Students Dancing Video 

2020 autumn session

 2020 Autumn Session Graduation Ceremony