1 Brendan Lee 2019ProjectGo

During the summer of 2019 I had the incredible experience of studying abroad in Taiwan for 2 months. This was truly a life-changing experience which held some of my most fun and cherished memories. Not only was I learning Chinese, culture, and politics at Soochow University (東吳大學)but I also improved many of my social skills, confidence and competency in the language. What impressed me most about Taiwan was how friendly the locals were, if you had any problems or questions any local off the street would take time out of their day to show you directions or take a picture for you. What amazed me even more was the absolute beauty and diversity of Taiwan. From Taipei to Green Island, every township I visited was unique and full of beautiful mountainous scenery and had its very own  indigenous and Chinese cultures.The best part about it all- it was very easy to get around. The train and subway system is seamless and a weekend out of town was as easy as buying a cheap train ticket right at the main station. I miss Taiwan and all of the friends I made there, and I plan on returning soon!Thank you so much for sharing with  us, you are more than welcome to visit Taiwan again!